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Fast-paced again, but ultimately disappointing

The Rising - Kelley Armstrong

I managed to plow my way through the entire trilogy in a few days, and was enjoying it until about halfway through The Rising, where it just fell apart for me.


It started when 

the author decided to introduce a love triangle where there previously had not been one. Seriously, what is wrong with a girl (Maya) having a guy as her best friend through the previous two books AND having a boyfriend too? I saw the path Ms. Armstrong was introducing, and just wanted to scream NO! Of course, she took it to its ultimate conclusion - Maya ends up with the best friend (Daniel) as her new boyfriend, having been "dumped" by the boyfriend (Rafe) who decides to step back and give her the room to decide between them.


I just thought the whole thing was preposterous, and it ruined what otherwise was a decent YA supernatural trilogy. 

(show spoiler)

I'm just really glad I had borrowed it from the public library instead of buying a copy.