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I've loved books and reading ever since I can remember and my great-grandmother read "Miss Suzy" to me over and over again. My tastes change over time, but tend toward paranormal romance, thrillers and mysteries, science fiction, some fantasy and urban fantasy, YA, and dystopia to name a few.

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Have the third book ready to go

The Calling (Darkness Rising) - Kelley Armstrong

As with The Gathering, if you read this trilogy, you'll want to have the third book (The Rising) ready to go, because The Calling ends, not really with a major cliffhanger (although there is very little resolution), and the story is far from over.


We spend the majority of this book learning more about the characters while they are on the run, but in my opinion, not quite enough about some of them. The book is about Maya and her friends, but it focuses mostly on Maya (and her friend Daniel), and I was hoping that it would flesh out just a little more about why the other kids (Nicole, Hayley, Corey) were so special. Here's hoping we find out a lot more in The Rising.