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I've loved books and reading ever since I can remember and my great-grandmother read "Miss Suzy" to me over and over again. My tastes change over time, but tend toward paranormal romance, thrillers and mysteries, science fiction, some fantasy and urban fantasy, YA, and dystopia to name a few.

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Get the little things right

Sleep With the Lights On - Maggie Shayne

If you're going to write about something, please make sure you get it right.


I've been enjoying this book so far, but there was one very glaring error tonight that brought me completely out of it.  This might not even be noticed by most women, but it was there, and it took the book down a notch in my opinion.


They're talking about watching a movie and she wonders how they're going to do that without a DVD player. He says they'll stream it through the Xbox.  Then they start talking about games and decide to play a video game instead.  She says to pick an easy one, and the one they choose is Super Mario Brothers.  [Loud noxious buzzer goes off in my head] Wrong answer.  Super Mario Brothers is only available on Nintendo systems, not Xbox.  If you're going to go to the trouble of putting a real game title and a real game system in the narrative, please make sure they are compatible!!!  Sorry, but I play video games, and it bothers me that the author couldn't get a simple thing like this correct.


Okay, off my soapbox and trying to get back into the story now.