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W is for Weary

W is for Wasted - Sue Grafton

Getting into this one was a little slow-going.  I borrowed the audiobook version from the public library.  It was told from two points of view - Kinsey's, first person voice, and then it dropped into third person when telling the other part of the story that would eventually tie in with Kinsey's latest "case".


When I was listening to the Kinsey parts, I could get lost in the book, but when it dropped out to the third person Pete part of the story, those jarred me completely out of it.


I felt it was a little preachy regarding the homeless, and also regarding the

crazy doctor-turned-drug-researcher bad guy.

(show spoiler)



And can we just get away from Kinsey's family?  These relatives, from her father's side, were some of the most irritating people I've ever seen Grafton write, and Kinsey's attitude of just letting them get away with the crap they pulled really got on my nerves - it didn't seem like her at all.

Really?  You're not going to confront them about the $300+ bar tab they stuck you with, or the fact that Ethan drove a nail into your tire, probably hoping you'd wreck and die?

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I did like the addition of the cat, who fit right in with Henry and William.  William was his usual self, and Henry was sweet as always, but a little too generous when it came to

Kinsey's cousin Anna (put on your big-girl panties and deal, girl!), who just shows up expecting to bum off Kinsey, like she's been doing for the past couple of years with her sister.

(show spoiler)

  Also, the way the end was written

so they each got some money (and, amazingly enough, about the same amount as if they'd split the inheritance) from a settlement with the crazy doctor and research facility,

(show spoiler)

was just a little unbelievable. 


Kinsey and Dietz - meh, Kinsey and Chaney - ugh.  I'm thinking that the series has about worn itself out, or perhaps I've just come to expect more.  I'll likely finish reading the series, but I just don't anticipate the next one like I used to.