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Fortunately, not the final book in this series

Final Catcall - Sofie Kelly

I am not a big cozy mystery reader, but I love this series.  For me (and I've said this before), it's not as much about the mystery as it is about the characters.  They seem so real, and the way she writes the cats actions and antics makes me laugh out loud.


We meet a few characters in this book that have been mentioned in other books, the biggest one of which is Andrew, Kathleen's ex-boyfriend who dumped her and married a waitress. He's come back to town to "win her back" and take her back home to Boston now that he's had his marriage annulled.


There's a murder, of course, and it's interesting to see the reactions of Kathleen and her detective not-boyfriend Marcus based on the current circumstances and previous encounters in the first four books.  I think they grow a little more, even though they're still at odds (when are they not?).


Oh, and we finally have a resolution in this book as to the question of whether or not Kathleen will stay in Mayville Heights, or whether she'll move back to Boston.  Come on 2014 and the next installment!


Aside - Sofie Kelly is also writing as Sofie Ryan, and she has a new cat mystery series coming out also in 2014. Second Chance Cat mystery series, the first book is called The Whole Cat & Caboodle.