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I've loved books and reading ever since I can remember and my great-grandmother read "Miss Suzy" to me over and over again. My tastes change over time, but tend toward paranormal romance, thrillers and mysteries, science fiction, some fantasy and urban fantasy, YA, and dystopia to name a few.

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Had potential but took a wrong left turn

The Fold: A Novel - Peter Clines

I decided to read this book after seeing an email from Audible. It sounded intriguing, and I like a good science fiction book with wormholes, folds in space, etc. And I enjoyed the first half of it. And then 50% into the book! it took a hard left turn and just about lost me. I really only finished it because I kept hoping it would get back on track. Unfortunately it didn't work out. By the end I felt ripped off, like I'd watched a bad made for TV movie on SyFy. 2.5 stars because I liked the first half of the book a lot.