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I've loved books and reading ever since I can remember and my great-grandmother read "Miss Suzy" to me over and over again. My tastes change over time, but tend toward paranormal romance, thrillers and mysteries, science fiction, some fantasy and urban fantasy, YA, and dystopia to name a few.

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Deeper Than The Dead - TAMI HOAG I pushed through this book to about half-way, and just couldn't force myself any further. When I read that it was to take place in the 80s, I was hoping for something as good as Sue Grafton's novels (which are also based in the 80s), but perhaps a little darker. Perhaps it was the reader (I was listening to the audiobook), but I found myself saying "oh, puh-lease!" out loud. I didn't connect with any of the characters well enough to even care to fast-forward to the end to find out whodunnit. I hope for Tami Hoag's sake that all her books are not written like this one.